Marching Percussion Instructor/Consultant
Ensemble Director
Executive Director

Personal Mission



  • To love what I do every day.

  • To love the people in my life, and show them how to love others.

  • To love what I create, and the equipment I use.




  • To create opportunities for young people to grow and follow their dreams.

  • To create great moments for people to share and enjoy.

  • To create something that will be here long after I am gone.




  • To inspire people through my actions and how I live.

  • To inspire people to take control and responsibility for their own lives.

  • To inspire people to follow their dreams, so they can inspire others.



Alex Agro

I remember the day I first joined. Corey was so kind, willing to accept me and welcome me to the drumline family. He hasn't changed one bit since... an amazing person inside and out. In a world where forgiveness and understanding are absent, Corey is proof of goodness in our world. Thank you for giving me bravery and confidence!

Nicole DiVincenzo

"Never in my life have I met someone who's only goal is to make each and every person they come in contact with feel like they're worth something, like they're unique."

Mike Rowan

“I have never met someone as dedicated as Corey is at helping
everyone find their passion
and to always strive to reach it.”

Kevin Weiss

“Corey is an exceptional teacher and leader. He inspires his students and his peers with his knowledge and enthusiasm. I have learned lots from Corey about guiding musicianship and building up the students to succeed. His work with the Blackdown CTC Drumline is nothing short of awe inspiring and the passion he has for teaching and percussion is quite clear.”

Shannon Fortier-Rowan

“Corey touches the lives of us
all. He is a great teacher, 
mentor and even better friend.
Just sitting back and watching
the way he lights up a room.”

2010 - present

2010 - present